The Benefits Of Root Fertilization For Your Trees

The truth of the matter is that trees and shrubs are a growing investment and the more they increase in beauty, the more a property increases in value. However, landscaping plants and trees fail to flourish and most often it is because of lack of proper fertilization or nourishment. Therefore, feeding your tree at least once a season or a year is an excellent example of preventive maintenance. Remember, a healthy tree is in a position to protect itself against certain types of stress, such as wind.

This is where deep root fertilization comes into play. Deep root fertilization helps by adding essential micro-organisms and nutrients directly to the root zone. This kind of fertilization compensates for poor soil quality or soil that is not ideal for planting. The fertilizers used are mostly in liquid form, and it is injected into the soil surrounding the plant. Fertilizers that are applied to the surface take a long time to reach the roots, but with deep root fertilizers, all nutrients needed can be used immediately by the tree.

Indeed, there are many benefits to deep root fertilization. However, before we get to the benefits, it is important to understand what it is, and how it is applied.

Tree Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the process of delivering valuable nutrients at the root level of a tree by injecting fertilizer deep into the soil so that the tree can absorb it. This technique prolongs the tree life, promotes health and offer preventive care. If you need more information on how deep root fertilization works you can visit us at

What It Entails

A certified arborist uses an industrial tool known as an air spade to drill holes deep into the root zone. This is the soil that surrounds a tree root. After drilling, the air spade will inject a liquid fertilizer into the into the holes. It is important to note that the liquid fertilizer comprises a blend of micro-organisms, nutrients, and other organic matter. All this is delivered deep into the root zone, which is usually about 8 to 10-foot-deep into the ground.

The Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization
The truth of the matter is that fertilization is very important especially when it comes to tree care. It is important to note that trees need particular nutrients to grow as well as to function. According to a real estate research; it showed that a city landscape tree is mostly growing in the dirt that does not have adequate nutrients for suitable tree development and growth. This is why it is important to consider fertilization.

A traditional fertilization technique is more beneficial to the lawn (mainly grass, bushes, flowers and other shallow based plant roots). However, deep root fertilization gives the entire root system access to nutrients to survive. Truly, there are many advantages to tree deep root fertilization, especially to a tree. These benefits include:

• It stimulates growth
• Helps in fruit development, flowering, and healthy foliage
Increases resistance to diseases and pests
• Improves soil condition
• Prevents chlorosis
• Promotes plant growth
• Helps aerate the soil
• Helps limit weather-related injuries like frosts